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Patented front tooth design prevents back teeth from touching.


ASRL night guards reduce the discomfort and protect against the harmful effects caused by teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. Whether you suffer from occasional teeth grinding and clenching or show symptoms of TMJ, we are the right experts to look to for help.


Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching.It is an oral parafunctional activity.It is unrelated to normal function such as eating or talking.


Great mouth Guard! It really works and helps a lot with the grinding! It’s a great deal! Or isn’t very uncomfortable that you will gag at least not for me. I would recommend this.

Ezekiel Richmond

Lots of products I used didn’t seem to fit my mouth¬† This product, However, worked very well. It stopped my teeth from grinding and also it’s not as expensive as the other products I’ve used! It’s a win-win!

Orlando Cabrera

I’m not waking up with jaw pain and headaches anymore. I grind my teeth and have some TMJ-like clicking. This product is a huge relief. I started using it about a week ago and am already used to wearing it through the night.

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